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James D Mattox

I wrote this, hope you fine it interesting.  Jim Mattox

  The first marriage to use a Mikvah.

Exodus 14 shows a mikvah used by G_d to remove sin to prepare a people for marriage.
Most say the pillar of fire that G_d was inside went from leading Israel to going to the rear of Israel was to keep Egypt from killing His bride only. I see a dual purpose. It was to allow His bride privacy and all the time she needs to pass through the mikvah. While walking on dry ground the spray of the Red Sea soaked them to the bone.
   Once she had left the mikvah, G_d let's Egypt see and enter the mikvah leading to their judgment because of their unrepentant nature.

If G_d had not have harden Pharaoh's heart, Israel may not have gone through the Mikvah, if not chased by an army.
Actually Israel was suitable to marry G_d only because of the washing of the mikvah's water. Mount Sinai was a wedding ceremony with a cloud over Mount Sinai, being a type of the canopy at a Jewish wedding over the wedding group. The Commandments were the wedding vows, the legal agreement for the marriage. G_d wanted to be their Husband and have Israel be a faithful bride. By the time Moses got down from the mountain he found G_d's bride committing adultery with foreign gods and he broke the agreement that G_d had written with His finger because the people broke the agreement first. G_d had Moses come back for another agreement, G_d hadn't given up. The Red Sea was the mikvah G_d used to remove the sin off of Israel so she the bride could marry her Groom.
      Written by James D. Mattox    (This study has definitely been over my head. Pun intended!)

Michael Libbie

Thank you James for your commentary. It truly is an interesting observation. Where might you have learned this? - Thank you for reading and for your comment.

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