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Mary Lynn Oertel


Shabbat Shalom. Let us pray for Alan as he prays at the Wall. I was not at your service when community support was shown. But I am with you in spirit.

Your latest article above will be cited by me as I teach my spirituality class for NIACC's Lifelong Learning Institute.

Having been a convert to Judaism and having studied other religions as well----we all are G-d's creations. We are imbued by the same spirit, to bow down in humility, thankfulness, relief and gratitude to the Creator of the universe.

I pray to G-d for the safety of Alan, Adas Israel, all of us, and the swift end to this wave of hatred.


Jews killed Jesus for fulfillment of the word. If Jesus did not die who could have saved us? Do not hate Jews but love them for they were chosen by God to crucify Jesus for our sake.

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