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Yitzchak Zweig

Shalom -

It was brought to my attention (and I was delighted to see) that I was quoted in the above article - the essence of which is so important for us Jews to consider. I would like to make one comment, though. Perhaps I wasn’t clear in my initial article (I have to go back and re-read to see if I made the error there as well) so I want to set the record straight.

We need to think of ourselves as Jews first (as mentioned above) - in other words we are American Jews not Jewish Americans. The question is which is the noun and which is the modifying adjective. Jewish Americans mean we are in essence Americans but of Jewish descent. American Jews means we are first and foremost Jews and we just happen to be Americans now. It’s a subtle difference in language but a huge difference in perspective. Another way to think about it is; Why are we called Jew-ish???? Moslems and Christians are direct nouns but Jew-ish seems like a description - kinda like a Jew. Something to consider. - YZ

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